Volkswagen has recently launched a new Golf, but the German engineers haven’t finished working on the seventh generation of the popular Wolfsburg automobile yet.

Starting next year, hot-hatch enthusiasts will be able to fully enjoy the seventh generation of the legendary Volkswagen Golf GTI. Also starting next year, the latest generation Volkswagen Golf will be available in an Estate version, which will join the newly-launched hatchback version. Although there are no official information available at present, there are certain rumors that claim the new Volkswagen Golf Estate will have a larger trunk, with a capacity increased by 120 liters compared to the hatchback model.

First released at the Paris Auto Show, the seventh generation Volkswagen weighs almost 100 kg less than its predecessor and, therefore, its fuel consumption has been reduced by 23%. As we’re used to, future buyers will be able to chose from many engine options, which will include both diesel and petrol engines. The engine options are as following:

Volkswagen Golf VII Estate

Volkswagen Golf VII Estate

•1.2 TSI, with either 85 or 105 hp;
•1.4 TSI, with either 122 or 140 hp;
•1.6 TDI, with 105 hp and 250 Nm;
•2.0 TDI, with 150 hp and 320 Nm.

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